Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Choosing a part: your best you!

Apparently some of you were let down that something worse didn't happen as a result of yesterday's story, and I am sorry.  But standing there looking something like this...

is mortifying enough.  May it never be done again, as Drew and I have both learned our lessons.


So anyway, I would like to take a moment to talk about formal styles.  For brides, it is common place to choose by the rear and profile appearances, but when you are in a sea of black dresses, I believe one should focus on the front.  And that's why I want to talk about your best "you."

Your part.

I believe that hairstylists aren't bold enough to talk with their clients about their part lines, ie where your hair falls around your face.  There are a few factors to consider when you choose your part.

1.  Cowlicks.  Yes, that's spelled "cow-lick," as if a cow came up to you and licked the front of your head, creating a non-negotiable seam at your forehead.  Some people have stubborn, outrageous cowlicks, and unfortunately mother nature has chosen their part line.  Some have only mild cowlicks which are easily negotiated.

2.  Thickness.  Some people have very thin hair on one side of their heads.  It is common place to make a very deep side part, and pull over all of the hair from the top of the head to compensate for what is missing on that side.  I believe this is perfectly acceptable, and encourage it at times.

3.  Trend.  I love trend.  I was the second stylist in Augusta to jump on the "Featherlock" bandwagon, and I am sporting the ombre hair color as we speak.  I love trend when it comes to parts as well, as long as beauty is a consideration.  A few years ago it was a trend among young people to start a "side part" two inches down one side of a head and pull it all the way down to the other side, leaving nothing but a few lonely strands dripping down her opposite shoulder.  It came out of nowhere, and it was hideous.  A deep side part, or a center part are both very trendy, and beautiful for some people.

Outside of that, the part is a great way to change a look almost completely, without permanent change.  I encourage you to grab a friend, and try a little experiment.

Start with your normal part, and share with a confidante.

Mine is no different than most: to the side, just off center.  I am growing out a massive fringe, so my bang-area can look strange at times, but this is a pretty average hair day.

And now, a deep side part.

This can be a very dramatic look, and is good for someone who wants the look of bangs, but doesn't want full-on fringe commitment.  But notice how the look of my face changes.  In my opinion, my face looks fuller here.  However, the strong side part detracts from the asymmetry in my eyes.

And last, the center part...

I was surprised by this photo, as I believe that this is my best "me." I believe it opens my eyes wider, and puts a focus on my strong jaw line.  The center part draws a virtual line down the middle of one's face.  It causes the beholder to search for symmetry, which (believe it or not) most of us do not have in our features.  The right side of my face is lazy.  My teeth are more crooked, my lips are less full, and I have more scarring and acne on that side (when I break out).

What do you think?  Do you prefer the center part as well, or do you have a differing opinion?  Go ahead.  I can take it.

In the meantime,  have fun looking for your "best you," and then be sure to apply that to your formal "do."  Center parts look best with very loose, romantic and low chignons, while a deep side part looks wonderful with more severe or classic styles.

Have fun, and enjoy the tutorials that are coming soon!

Rachel Bee

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