Monday, January 16, 2012

Ballerina Bun How to...

A year ago I saw this picture...

... and I have been in love with the style ever since.

Before you attempt the style, you must have moderately long hair, and a hairline that is moderately straight.  This style is very dramatic, but classically feminine.  If you have the length for it, I suggest you try it!  Besides, it is super easy.

Start with hair that has been shampooed in the last 24 hours, and prepped with mousse or styling spray.  I really recommend that you do not do this on very dirty hair, as you will be doing a lot of work to brush it up- distributing the surface oils on your scalp.

Start by brushing your hair in every direction, eventually up into a pony tail at the highest point of your head.  Although it's popular, I do not recommend a knot on the top of your head.  It is a bit too avant garde for Augusta, GA.

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

If you tilt your head up as you are forming a pony tail, it will not sag at the base of your neck.

Top Knot Tutorial
Work as hard as you can to pull your hair smooth across your scalp.  Form your pony tail, and use an elastic to secure.  Very important: ALWAYS work with a hand mirror to check out the back and sides when you are doing your own hair.

Now, using a teasing comb, back-comb your hair to oblivion.

Top Knot Tutorial

That's right.  Hold your ponytail up, and using an up and down motion with your teasing comb, get it up, up, up there!

Now, place your index finger in the middle of that mess, all the way to the center of the elastic.

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Begin to comb and fold the hair around, in one direction.

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

When you are satisfied with how a section looks, run a slightly open bobby pin across the surface of the  bun (barely skimming the surface of the bottom inch of the bun), and once the open part of the pin hits your scalp, fold it over and push it under the bun.

Top Knot Tutorial

Continue to work your way around until you are satisfied, re-teasing if needed, and do not over-pin. This style may require 5 bobby pins, really.

Now, to finish- use a very, very good hairspray, and spray it in the direction of the bun.  Wait for 5 seconds, and use your hands to smooth in the direction of the bun.  Continue and do the back and sides of your hair.

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Aw, look at me!  Dangly earrings at all!

Ballerina But Tutorial

Ballerina Ballerina Bun Tutorial

This is what the top of it looks like.  Not perfectly symmetrical, but more than satisfactory.

Now, for everyday wear, rub your hands back and forth over the surface of your hair to rough it up a little.

Or to look like an old schoolmarm/hipster, add some glasses and an old scarf...

Have a great day!

Rachel Bee

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