who I am.

My name is Rachel Bee.  OK.  It's "Biestman," which is German for "Beast-man."  It is my married name, but my maiden name was no better.  "Bee" is cuter.

And I like cute.

I am a Christ-follower first, a Patrick-lover as a close second.  Cuddling a toddler named "Langston" is a sincere joy, and being a mother to him is so simple most of the time.

Langston smiles = Mommy melts

My husband is a photographer, and newly entering the field of food photography (at my beckoning).  His professional site is here.  I love him.

I am a hairstylist by trade, and I am grateful for it.  Here is my professional site.  Come see me if you are in the Augusta area.

I also knit, although not as much in the summer.  I draw and paint, sing and write songs; and I love to bake.    Especially layer cakes.  I sell those and cupcakes for not very much at all.  I do not ship, but I will deliver within 30 miles of Augusta, GA.  Email me, comment, call, text, write in the sky.  Cake will come.

And it will be good.

Have a good, or even great day.