Monday, January 3, 2011

Still digesting...

Christmas was over a week ago, and I feel as if I am still digesting it's glorious meal.  Here is a little taste of what we had...

That's right, a big, delicious $67.00 hunk of red meat, roasted to rare perfection.  However, today's post is not about the prime rib that is still lodged in my arteries, it is about Christmas's decadent dessert!


This was my attempt at a s'mores cake.  That's right, two layers of chocolate cake, with a graham cracker crust baked right into the bottom of the cake.  It worked!  Despite my worries, the crust came out with the cake layers in one piece.  I frosted it in gooey marshmallow icing, and then my husband showed me how to fire up the butane and torch that baby!

Yes.  Those are my manly hands.

Chocolate drizzle, plus a layer of melted chocolate between the layers made for an amazing mouth-feel.
Every bite contained cold, soft sweetness, rich chocolate cake, salty crunch from the graham cracker, and luscious dark chocolate.  It was heaven.  Absolute heaven.

Oh, I forgot to say, take extra care in cutting this cake.  The frosting is pretty gushy, and the crust in the middle makes for an interesting challenge with the knife.  We did OK.

Well, there you have it, folks.  I promise a tutorial in the very near future.  Really, I do.  And a recipe for the frosting.  The cake is the same I featured on the "i heart pot luck dinners" entry.

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and are experiencing wonderful New Year.  Oh, and why not?  One last picture of this gorgeous cake...

Wow.  Make one.

Rachel Bee

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