Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Darling, Linda Lou

This is my friend, Linda.

And I am not sure how she would feel about me putting her picture on my third blog post, but, well, it is sort of late, and I can't call, and I- I really want to talk about her right now.

So here we go.  Linda ended up in my chair nearly three years ago for a big haircut and color change. After all, nothing says "eat your heart out" like bombshell blonde and a gamine style (see Gwyneth Paltrow in "Sliding Doors").  I cannot remember when I realized that she and I would make great friends.  It might have been when she followed me from one salon to another, and always has until this day said, "do whatever you want."  I don't recall the first time we had a deep conversation, or what we ate when we went out to lunch all of that time ago.  All I know is that Linda fills a void in my life, and I miss her when we get too busy to say "hi."  I appreciate her nerdiness, timely humor, and matter-of-fact personality.  I like her enough to make her this for Christmas.

I made this extra-long scarf with two skeins of felting wool.  Similar to my last post, I popped some flowers off of a silk stem and attached them to rounds of scrap fabric with a little button.  I then did some light embroidery with an organic cotton yarn.  A blanket stitch on the bottom completes the look (and hides a really dreadful cast-on).

Here is anther picture...

I hope you have fun embellishing your knitted items.  I know I do.  And it really took a very plain scarf to decadent levels for a very special friend.

Have a beautiful day.

Rachel Bee

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