Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5:00 am, You are Sweetness!

I love 5:00 am.  We are a house full of morning people, including my 2 year-old son, who can't stand to know that people are up doing things without him.  My hubs is still sleeping, but he is normally up getting ready for work at a place where he is dedicated to making morning people out of the rest of our little town (fruitless endeavor).

I suppose a question remains, "what is so great about 5:00 am?"  I am not really sure.  I used to work out at this time, but when I had my baby, going to the gym at 5 became one of those really impossible notions.  Now, I suppose I use this hour for the same principle: I use this hour for me.  I set out supplies for baking, finish up a scarf, mop my kitchen floor, read my Bible, take a shower and spend the hour to meticulously do my hair...sometimes, I even choose to sleep.

Last week was a very productive week, finishing off Christmas presents for girlfriends, and baking hundreds of cupcakes for clients.  Here is a one of those projects that I finished...

As my husband informed me, this is a "snood."  I called it a "neck warmer," or a "collar."  I made it for my very favorite friend, out of merino wool.  It is studded with flowers, viciously plucked from a 50% off stem from Hobby Lobby.  I sewed them on with buttons I yanked from an old shirt, sandwiched between some netting I cut from a vintage dress in my closet that desperately needs refurbishing.  The lace detail was from  the shirt that lost its buttons, and the yarn,'s just yarn.  A lot had to die to make this "snood," but I love you that much, friend.  And here is what it looks like on...

Ok, I know it is too big, but normally my knitted items are drastically over/undersized.  I know there are ways to avoid this, like patterns and test-squares, but as you will come to know, I am not that kind of girl.  Still pretty though, don't you think?


OK.  That's all for now.  I hope you grow to love my little blog, and I will grow to provide more info on how I produce my projects.

Have a great day, friends!

Rachel Bee.

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  1. i love my friend! and her family! her cute and 'snoody' little family. ;) muah to you three!