Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A sweet potato, a decade, and a dream...

I have very few friends.  I think I might be stinky, as in a room of nearly 20 women this morning, the only two vacant seats sandwiched little old me.

What to say next...

I pause as many of the women in that room read my blog, and I don't want any of them to feel sorry.  I really wasn't bothered.  Really.  In fact, I chose to sit on the other, more vacant side of the room when I walked in.  It was just kind of funny it worked out that way, and kind of...typical.

I begin this way, as one of my friendliest and oldest friends dreamed about me the other night, and decided to tell me about it.  She lives in California.  I met her 10 years ago, almost to the day.  Our paths converged on the other side of the world when we were paired as roommates in college.  The two of us barreled through some of the most dreadful and yet majestic moments of my life.  We were young, emotional, and broke; lorded over by two very demanding bellies and subsequent tender self esteems.  Sometimes we were good for each other, and other times we were oh, so bad.  But we had fun, and I would like to say that other people enjoyed our stereotypical American silliness.  I miss her.  And although we have mustered some self control in our agedness, I wonder how long it would take us to gain 20 pounds, if together again.

Especially if she has dreams like this...

She dreamed that I brought her sweet potato cupcakes with maple pecan cream cheese frosting, and this made me think.  I was going to do a post on Lamingtons, as this month marks 10 years after I first discovered this delicate confection.  Lamingtons are typically a white cake square, dipped in a thin chocolate frosting and covered in desiccated coconut.  They are beautiful, and my friend and I ate many of them.  All things considered, I decided to make Sweet Potato Lamingtons, coated in Maple Goat Cheese Frosting and toasted pecans.  See for yourself:

Ok.  truth be told, I made one covered in pecans.  Here are the other two:

The one on the left is coated in white chocolate, and the other is desiccated coconut.*

I am not really a "foodie," and I don't claim to be.  I am knowledgeable, but I have a very rudimentary palette.  Goat cheese frosting is a little different for me, but I didn't have any cream cheese; and I found this cheese very close to it's expiration date, under some flour tortillas and grapes.  The texture of the frosting is supremely smooth and creamy, and not as thin as cream cheese frosting.  It is, however, relatively tart and fruity.  The maple extract really worked to mellow the flavors, making it more palatable.  I enjoyed the overall product, but a Lamington is a lot of work.  That is why there are only three of them.

And it was after midnight.

And my husband fell asleep watching a certain movie, and I was too focused to stop and turn off the dvd intro, looping every 45 seconds or so.

"We need more wax!"  Frost, frost... "We need more wax!"  Coat, coat... "We need more wax!"

You get the picture.

It was a blast, however; and it made me remember.

Love you more than marshmallows, marching bands and cookie-making.

Rachel Bee

*The desiccated coconut is just for looks in this case.  Not a recommended dusting in this recipe.  Oh- recipe is here.   I am going to cuddle a toddler.


  1. Your talent amazes me. And I don't think you're stinky... :-)

  2. ha. i know. even though sometimes i am. :)

  3. no. i have to agree. at times she is stinky. :)