Sunday, January 9, 2011

You're so vain...I bet you think item 4 is about you.

I have to admit, from Friday until now I have experienced more let-downs than victories.  Let me explain...

Item 1.  Before I left Friday morning to drop Langston off at school, I text-messaged the young man who owns the studio where I have been recording to let him know I was on my way.  Nearly 20 minutes later, I received a frantic call from him to let me know he was not going to be able to meet me.  Now,  Let me give you a little insight into who I really am: anything but laid back.  I believe that maybe at one time I was, or at least claimed to be as I saw it in a movie once, but I am not.  I take most things pretty seriously, especially now when I have so very little free time.  Am I patient?  Yes.  Do I generally have good perspective when things don't work out?  Yes.  But only after the event.  During, I cry; and Friday morning was no exception.  The thing is, this isn't the first time he has let me down.  It is the third.  The third phone call asking me to come another time.  The second time he "wrote it on the wrong date."  The other time he thought I was someone else.  Really?  We have recorded the entire song, minus 2 vocal tracks...

I am frustrated.  Now our appointment is Wednesday.  Gracious.  This thing is gonna be very, very good (perspective:)

Item 2.  How hard is it to give away a cupcake in January?  Darn near impossible.  Ok, peoples.  They are cupcakes.  Delicate little morsels of sweet goodness!  And the thing is, they didn't have the usual, rich buttercream adorning their pillowy tops.  It was meringue.  Egg whites, orange zest...think of the protein; the vitamin C!  I even hollowed out the middles and filled them with pineapple.  I am quite sure that consuming one cupcake put me back 230 calories.  Skip the afternoon snack and eat one. *

Item 3.  I intentionally turned someone's hair magenta, and then decided I didn't like it on a 47 year-old woman.  So we turned it red (although I am convinced it will be pink again in a week).  Yuck...

Item 4.  I don't want to offend anyone with item 4.  **

Item 5.  I spent 2 and a half hours on baking bread today, only to turn out a dense, doughy flop.  Meatball subs turned into meatballs and cheese on some frost-bitten hamburger buns.  What can you do?

Through all of my weekend's adversity, although my son is taking a moment to poke at the flab that is hanging over my pants, my life is just beautiful.  And when I think of all that could have happened, what others might be going through...I mean- get over yourself, Rachel.


God is faithful.

Rachel Bee

* If you specifically refused a cupcake and are upset that I am upset that you refused a cupcake, lets both get over it right now.  I love you.  Done.  Ok?  Ok.

**Item 4 is not about you.  I promise.  :)


  1. LOL! I'm so sorry about your bread. Been there, done that. SOOOOO many times!!!

  2. well, i turned right around and made bread 2 days later, and same thing happened. I blame the yeast, or that bread cannot possibly rise when it is 64 degrees in one's house!