Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair- Embarrassing rants and raves...

Those who know me intimately, know that I was quite bothered two days ago over a coupon that came out with our local paper.  

Quite bothered.  As in crying, and slamming my fists against our office desk.  I was en route to the door with my little one, and thought I would check my facebook page before I left.  When I did, I discovered that one of my faithful clients posted a coupon to my salon, offering services at a dastardly discounted rate. I mean, a $15 haircut.  $35 for all over color.  $50 for a full head of highlights!  I read the coupon extensively, scouring it's words for a sentence of relief...

"Participating stylists only."

"Valid for first-time guests only."  

"If you use this ridiculous coupon, please come bearing gifts."

But there was nothing, and as I knew nothing about it previous to this moment, I frantically exploded.  I have since erased my rather passionate rant, but I was very upset.  Why would I get upset over a discount opportunity offered for only 24 hours?  Hmm...

I am not going to bore you with the details (just spent 20 minutes writing the details out, and they were b-o-r-i-n-g), but I have worked very hard in the last few years to build my book in a certain way.  I have tried deep-discounting, but it (in my experience) has produced clientele who either need or are brazen enough to continually ask for deep discounts.  When a person is a hairstylist, she gets to spend 1-4 hours with a single human being.  There is a lot of talking.  There is a lot of sharing.  Sometimes there are tears.  But at the end of a session, no matter how good the color looks, if the client/stylist rapport is not positive, she is NOT coming back.  There have been times when I have wanted to take my shears and jab them into my throat, or being so overwhelmed with annoyance or pure disgust over a conversation (the amount of bigotry and hatred that still exists in this city is abhorrent) that I tear up, or even once nearly passed out.  

Generally speaking, I really like EVERYONE on my book right now, and as they consistently trust me enough to give me money to help their "crowning glory," I think they like me, too.  My book, therefore expands slowly by people who like me introducing people who they like to, well- me- and by reason, we all like each other.  Sometimes it doesn't work out, but most of the times it does, and I am grateful.  Continuing with reason, as I do not receive walk-ins, the only people who can use this amazing coupon for my services are people who are already OK with paying my real prices.  

So I was upset.  

And my salon-owner found out.  And in her uprightness and precious-ness, she was sorry.  And I was sorry, for being frantic and worried and frantic (I know I said that already).  And the strangest thing happened.  

We talked about it.  We did not cry, we did not raise our voices, we didn't hug or hold hands- just two women having a conversation for the purpose of mending a relationship.  We forgave each other.  It was novel, and mature- which is very hard to find in this field.  I like her.  

So, if you purchased this coupon, please use it.  Do not feel bad.  But do come bearing gifts.  I really love coconut, or especially lemon cake.  

If you have come to the end of this, thanks for indulging me.  

Rachel Bee

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