Monday, January 17, 2011

Last week...

I know, for a new blogger who claims to be creative, I had very little to show for it last week.  Last week was...well, hard for me.  It was cold.  We live in a very old house where any good warm air swiftly flies under the door, out the windows, or the dog who lies a foot from the register greedily absorbs it into her fluffy (now very dry) coat.  When the "Bees" are cold, they do not move out of their robes, blankets, and gloves.  We prefer a 100 degree day anytime to what we had last week.  Alas, come Wednesday, the snow melted enough to force me out of my fluffy socks onto the road, and in the latter half of the week, I actually got a lot of little projects done.

1.  Wednesday night, the owner of Spa Bleu in Surrey Center asked us to build for her a website.  Spa Bleu only offers services that my salon does not, so I don't see it as a conflict of interests.

2.  I finally, finally finished a snood I have been tearing embroidery out of for weeks now, donning an obnoxious knitted bow which forced me to learn something new in the art.

3.  Two extraordinary cake successes:  A Pecan Coconut Caramel Cream Cake, and a Chocolate Cake embellished with 3 large fondant flowers.  My First experience with fondant was really not so bad.

4.  Made the loveliest little snood for a seven year old girl.  She has amazing style, and I have often told her that if I could shrink myself down to fit into her clothes, I would.  So, I made something that I would love to wear, only a bit smaller.  It is darling.

We have a ton of pictures of all of said projects, so stay tuned and be, well, "welmed" (not over or under, just "welmed.")

Have a beautiful day.

Rachel Bee

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