Friday, July 1, 2011

A farewell to Facebook; for awhile, anyway.

Hello.  My name is Rachel Bee, and I am a Facebook addict.  It has been four minutes since I logged on last.

Actually, it has been a few hours.

I have almost exactly 300 friends.  I had many more than that, but last year I got so fed up with a few hundred people that I deleted them all.

And I got a few nasty emails.  I didn't realize I could simply "hide" people.  Oops.

Regardless, I am an addict because for the most part, I like Facebook.  Having lived in other parts of the world, I am able to keep up with people who I thought I would never see again.  I am able to browse through wedding pictures, receive pregnancy updates, and even get moment-by-moment notifications of childbirth.  It really is astounding.

But when I think about it, a girl who has the capacity for maybe 5 close friends should perhaps not be responsible for 300.  Every time I post something, I think- what if these 300 were in a room shoulder to shoulder?  What would I say?

How about (type, type, type...)?

No (delete, delete, delete).

OK.  This (type, type, type)?

Uh, nope (delete... you get it).

Such discretion didn't exist a year, or even six months, three months, or one month ago.  I am a girl wants to be governed by impulse.  As I have said before, I enjoy raising eyebrows.  Colossians 4:6 encourages us as Christians to let our words be full of grace, and seasoned with salt.  Paul doesn't encourage us to speak with garlic, seasoned with habanero pepper.

300 people, shoulder to shoulder.  What do I say?

I wish it was that simple.  As a Facebook addict, I am not only concerned with my own status updates, but I am also concerned with what other people have to say.  I love to laugh at the silliness of MBF.  The geniality and openness of BC is always heart-warming.  I enjoy getting weather updates from the other side of the world!  But then there are old clients who post pictures of new haircuts which I did not do.  There are political statements with which I simply do not agree.  There is a close friend who decided to go with another photographer other than my husband for family photos or an event.  There are very old friends who are attached to very painful memories and indiscretions.  There are cryptic statements that I am too paranoid to admit are not about me.

Am I mature enough to handle all of these darts and distractions?  I am mature enough to recognize that Facebook is nothing but a game?  Well, if it is a game, my husband would be the first to tell you that I do not like games.  I do not play cards, Scrabble, golf, video games, baseball or basketball.  I was asked to join a basketball team in Jr. High because of my attitude.  In three years, I played no more than 20 minutes, TOTAL.  Why?  Because I am NOT GOOD at games.  I lose every time.

I guess all of this is to say that I am done with Facebook for awhile.  I will continue to post my blog posts on my wall, so if you want to keep up with what I am doing or baking, you can do it here.  If you are a client who depends on Facebook for scheduling appointments, you can email through my website,  It is super easy!  If you are one of those people who enjoy commenting on my blog, you can do it here, on my blog.  And to encourage you to comment on the blog, I am offering...


I am offering one delicious 10" cake, or one dozen cupcakes of choice to one lucky person in the continental United States.  That's right, I will ship the cake to you!  All you have to do is...

Tell me, what is your favorite cake flavor?

Comment on this post.

The winner will be chosen at random.

The winner doesn't have to immediately receive the cake.  He or she can wait for her birthday, a friend's birthday, office party, graduation, whatever.

The contest is closed at 12 AM July 4th.

Get me?

Alright.  Oh, geez.  Those recipes.  Tomorrow.  :)

Thanks for reading...

Rachel Bee


  1. Well, my darling, I adore you. I adore your blog and it's mouthwatering pictures (be them of hair, makeup or sweet treats). I love your honesty, easy humor and cheerfulness. I have your blog and just 3 others (one is my sister's) tabbed so I can simply click the mouse and be transported instantly to your little slice (HAha) of the Internet. And I am a fool for some carrot cake =)

  2. Ummmm, I would like a cake...perhaps a new flavor?! Courgette and lemon curd. Try it. :) Love you much, miss you! :\

  3. Rachel, Love the blog. Understand your FB issue. FB is definitely something that is difficult to navigate. I am kind of a newbie but I can tell that I will need to guard myself from getting "too" into it. My favorite cake is probably red velvet but I like them all. :)Karen Delagrange

  4. Um, all I have to do is comment and have a chance for one of your incredible creations? Sign me up!!!!!

    Now, for my favorite kind of the moment it would have to be red velvet.

    BTW - I love your blog and not just for the chance at free yummies!

  5. I love love lemon, EVERYTHING!!! I love your blog, it's raw and honest and I appreciate that! I only have three followers, very said but I am not as committed as you are so that is probably why. I too am a fb addict but have not felt the need to give it up. Maybe I will but I do enjoy keeping up with everyone. I'm glad you will still be posting your blog. Have a fabulous day!
    Tabitha C.

  6. Oh Yeah! I hope it's me! I'm sorry you won't be on facebook anymore :(. But at the same time I guess I need to make a better effort to get to know you in person, right? :D Okay I no it's lame and everyone likes it but I'll eat chocolate all day. If I win I know I will savor anything you make except coconut. Unless it's the cheap kind (sorry, did I just hurt your ears?) Please "randomly" choose me ;) ~ Anjelica

  7. I love your blog and I completely understand taking a step back from Facebook! Even though I am more of a cookie/pie kind of girl, I love Amaretto cake...yum.

  8. Your blogs and beautiful pic make my day. When mom and I worked together one of our favorite things to do in the morning when we were slow is read them. I miss you and your whole family so much. I want you to meet my new family. You post made me start learning to cook and it turns out I'm not that bad. I think my favorite would be a banana pudding cake! Yummm!

  9. Well Darn! A dollar short and a minute too late (or however that saying goes)! Totally agree with the Facebook addiction. I used to look at it every half hour on my ITouch that I had for approximately a month. Fate deemed it necessary to cause me to "accidentally" drop it in a tub of water! Since then, I have been Facebook free (2 years and counting)! I mainly do Facebook to update my status, my way of including everyone I know in a matter of seconds versus making several (and rather lengthy) phone calls. But other than that, I do a quick skim whenever I am doing an update just to see what is going on in other people's world (avoid reading certain other posts just so I don't have to "hear" their drama). And fortunately, I have only friended people I actually talk/communicate with at present or old friends I have missed terribly and was fortunate enough to reconnect with them. And while you received nasty emails for “hiding” or eliminating friend status’s in order to trim down your list, I was being talked about for not accepting someone’s friend request. Therefore I can relate to how you feel, but “you gotta do what you gotta do” in order to keep your own sanity. So kudos to you! Keep up the great work! And for anyone that is wanting to give you hell for it, tell them to bite you . . . or rather bite one of your cupcakes and stop hating! :P
    Speaking of cakes, I have been admiring your lovely cakes! My husband and his sister birthdays are coming up, we usually celebrate both together. Finally have an excuse to get one of your cakes! Now to decide which one of your concoctions I would like you to make. Decisions, decisions . . .
    By the way, I would need it at the end of July/beginning of August. Are you available to make one around that time?

    I am also in total need of a hair trim, but just spent money on a car. Having to budget closely for the next few months. Will call you when I finally become frustrated with this mess or more income has been accumulated! Really wished I had you trim it before I went to NYC, I look like a mess in all the pictures!
    Have a great day and keep the posts coming. It makes my day to read them!


    P.S. Typing this as I am nibbling on a Peanut Butter Biscotti, recipe courtesy of Rachel’s February 6, 2011 post.

  10. aw, man, jen! i am sure your hair was lovely. i would be fine to make a cake, whenever! let me know:)

  11. Rachel, I love what you said about Col 4:6 and it almost made me want to copy and paste on as my FB status (props to you, of course :). Hope to see you Wednesday. - Brooke
    PS. You're cupcakes are delicious. I've only had the pleasure of eating one and can't wait to do it again :)