Thursday, June 30, 2011

One week away...

My child stumbled out of the bedroom this morning, crawled onto the mat I was working out on, and said, "buh-na-nuh milk, peez?"


Did you just say, "BUH-na-nuh milk?"  BUH-na-nuh?

"Na-nuh" was one of Langston's very first words.  As most children, Langston has an affinity for bananas unlike any other food (although grapes, or "baps," are a close second).  I still remember the first time I fed him mashed up bananas.  I stuck the tiny dessert-filled spoon in his unsuspecting mouth, and expecting the usual pureed peas or sweet potato, his astounded eyes sparkled as if he had just bitten through the crusted  sugar in a creme brulee.  He fell in love, and he has rarely missed a banana or two in a day since.

But this morning, it was "banana," and this extra syllable made me tear up.  The reality is that a week from yesterday, Langston turns 3, and of course, it is bittersweet.

I love this kid.

And although I have been told I don't seem like the mothering type, I am elated that heaven looked past my selfish nature and gave me this kid.  And I am even happier that I have a husband who partners with me to make the right decisions for him.  At times we have sucked, but most often we exceed, and I am so proud of what our little boy is becoming.


Yesterday was his last day of summer camp, and as he has a summer birthday, I went ahead and brought some cupcakes to school with him.

OK.  They are quite feminine.  I know.  But they are strawberry!  Strawberries are delicious, but they tend to make things pink.  Maybe next time I will remember.  I think I brought pink cupcakes to school at Christmas for Jesus' birthday party.  I know.  I have issues with pink.

Regardless, I am quite sure that the kids who ate them were not bothered.  And I am sure that Langston is still unaware that they were for his birthday.  I am sure Langston doesn't know what a birthday is.


I know I still owe you a recipe for Monday's cupcakes, and I will get them both to you tomorrow.  I hurt my back on Tuesday doing a rock star jump, and I am pretty heavily medicated.  I would hate to try to put together numbers and ingredients for you this morning.  Who knows what you would end up with!

And although there is so much more to say, for now I wish you a wonderful Thursday!

Rachel Bee


  1. SUCH beautiful photos in this post!! And thank you for our cupcakes... they were divine :)

  2. i agree, faith. he outdoes himself so often!