Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making my steps sure.

I have had a lot of baking opportunities this week, in addition to an exceptional amount of hair-doing.  Oh- and in addition to starting P90X.  If anyone has seen me out and about town, yes, that is the reason for my slow, methodical waddle.  I can't really say more than I am worn out, and I am looking forward to tomorrow's "day off."

I have to say that (like most people) I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but in the last few weeks it has brought more god than bad.  Through my husband's photography page, a delightful person saw pictures of some of my baking, and contacted me to do some work for her and her business.  This week I made my first two dozen cupcakes for her, with a deficit of 3 more as well as a cake (to which I have dedicated a pinterest board).  The first two dozen I made were my "Lime in the Coconut," and "Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup."

I used the recipe shown here (which is also an exceptionally gorgeous post about my kid), and topped them with those cute little Reeces Mini Cups that come in a bag.  Very delicious, very addictive.

I did not take a picture of my Coconut Lime cupcakes as when I finished them, they looked way too beige to me.  That night I went to four different grocery stores looking for key limes to plop on the top, but perhaps they are out of season.  Finally at Walmart I found miniature fruit slices (the gummy ones that are completely covered in sugar), and wedged them into the Cream Cheese Frosting.  They were adorable!

I also took the plunge and purchased new cake boxes, complete with cupcake inserts!  They are very cute, but a bit pricey.  Here are the cupcakes, all boxed up...

I love it.  You know, I am well aware of the sovereignty of God, but I feel like I am in the exact and proper pinpoint of the place He has planned for me.  I mess up often, but as the Bible states all through the Psalms (18:36, 37:31, 119:133 per example), God makes my steps very sure.  When my path seems precarious and narrow, as I follow after Him, my next move becomes very obvious.

Sorry.  Just a side-thought.

I love Him.

I love You.  Have a great weekend.

Rachel Bee

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