Thursday, July 7, 2011

My son is 3, and pictures from my camera...

Avert your eyes.  I mean, really do.  If you are here because you found me on Tastespotting, and your retinas are offended by anything but highly stylized and edited photos, please come back next week.

My husband does a great job with all things decadent and gooey.  I love him.

Three years ago yesterday was sincerely, the best day of my life (and I am not prone to cliche).  If there was ever a day I wrote out (quite literally), and completed successfully from beginning to end, it was July 6, 2008.  It was the day our son was born.

He came on his due date, light but consistent contractions starting at 7AM on that Sunday morning.  I made blueberry pancakes (as was our Sunday tradition), birthday cupcakes; and as the contractions became more evident, I showered, did my hair, and put on makeup.

We planned a natural childbirth, ie no pain medication whatsoever, a la Bradley method.  We landed at the hospital at around noon (already 7 cm dilated); labored for 3 hours, and pushed for 2.  Langston arrived at around 5:15 while the rain poured outside.  I ate the most amazing peach cobbler from the hospital, nursed and sang to our baby, and watched reruns of "No Reservations" all night long.

It was perfect.

That day.  Note the cupcake tins in the sink. 

What came after that day has been neither planned nor perfect, but wonderful regardless.  He is precious to us, and here are some silly pictures from my little camera to celebrate his little life.

Fun with old office equipment.

Diaper butt.  Love it.  

With "pappis."  Never thought we'd lose that thing.  

Sorry if I have ever given you a cake in that.

Seriously?  This outfit is divine.  

What is the male version of "fashionista?"  "Fashionisto?"

And at the beach.  Year one...

Yum.  Belly. 

Year two...

Love those legs.  

And year three...

Found it much safer for grandpa to bring the water to him.  

We had a very little party at my dad's house to celebrate his birthday last Sunday.

I. Love. Crepe. Paper. 

Always behind the camera. 

Dream boat.  

Loves his daddy.  

This year's cake... well, I have to admit.  I am really excited about it.  I don't mess with fondant much, but after 6 hours of work, I was able to bring some of Langston's favorite characters to edible form.

First, last year's cake....

Cute, but kind of a mess.

And this year's...

Phineas and Ferb Cake. 


You can't know how delicious this cake was on the inside. 

It was Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Vanilla Frosting.  I used 3 sticks of butter, one block of cream cheese, nearly 2 pounds of powdered sugar, some vanilla and a pinch of salt.  This cake was insanely moist.  It was delicious, despite the obnoxious appearance.

Oh yes, I did. 

And Langston loved it.

And don't we love him!

So precious.  Such a pleasure.  We love you, kid.

Have a great Thursday!

Rachel Bee


  1. Loved the cake. I think you captured the characters perfectly! I'm a big fan of phineas and ferb, too. I also love that, so far, your husband has remained this faceless wonderful man. Kind of like the neighbor from Home Improvement.

  2. Love this cake! Would you consider doing something similar but with Thomas the Train for Brayden's 3rd birthday?

  3. WOW!!! This cake looks like quite a feat. Phineas and Ferb?! You TOTALLY rock!