Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sorry I am not sorry...

I am kind of over the whole moustache thing.


No really, I am.  I am over seeing moustaches in wedding pictures, I am over them on men's faces- I am over it.  What started as a cute notion has sparked a full-on trend, and one that people are going (I believe) to regret in their wedding pictures.  It is all regrettable silliness.

"Geez, Rachel- you are such a buzz-kill.  I love moustaches."

Well, when you throw your Stache Bash, I will not participate.  Or perhaps, in true hipster stride, I will bring an entirely different prop, and crash your party with my coolness.

Which will start a trend.

Which I will blog about in 6 months.

"I am kind of over the whole _____ thing."

I can't tell you what my ground-breaking trend will be, for obvious reasons.


Soooooo, a friend of mine had a baby shower, and the sweet lady throwing the shower asked me to make the cupcakes.  The theme was shabby chic, which is easy for a girl who is a little pink-obsessed.

Here is what I came up with...

I would have taken the time to pull one out and set up a fancy photo shoot with it, but I finished these at 2:00 AM, and they were out the door at 7:45.  As I yanked my unwilling toddler out the door, I asked my hubs to open the box and take a quick shot.  Jeepers, they are cute!

Hmm, babies.  I would usually say that I want another, but after the week we have had, I am not sure we need anymore.  All of this baking keeps my attention away from my attention-craving child, and he has been acting out.

Yikes.  Selah.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, and sorry if you had moustaches at your wedding.  Sorry if you are currently sporting one.  Actually, I am not sorry.  Sorry for not being sorry.

They are ridiculous.

Rachel Bee

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