Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair Mishaps...

Today I am spending in the salon, where my passion still remains.

I know that my food posts greatly exceed my hair posts, but that is simply because I have a camera in my kitchen.

Or perhaps I don't care to give away too many trade secrets, as we stylists (well, some of us) have paid a lot in time, money, and energy to achieve our status in the industry.  I can share simple styling techniques, and all the makeup you care to learn- but color, cutting- sorry, my friends, it's mine.

OR perhaps I am much more critical when it comes to hair photos.  I analyze every flyaway, every visable bobby pin- it is not going up unless I really, REALLY like it.  Sorry, and in the following examples- I am not critiquing these beautiful girls' faces, my hub's photography- simply my own, very irritating mishaps.

This girl was gorgeous and super sweet.  Could I take a moment and smooth out her curls?

Oh dear.  I was experimenting. Poor "S."  Poor, poor "S."
Stunning picture, right?  It was so misty that day- no chance for natural wave to stay hidden.  Useful photo, just not for displaying a haircut.

Stunning hair, great perspective... way too many conspicuous bobby pins.

Yes, I think the black pins look great there.  Don't you?  Ughh...

Exceptional, massive amounts of gorgeous hair.  Rogue curls- I cannot abide.
"Oh no!  That frosting is crooked!  What are we gonna do?"  It's frosting, we eat it.  Hair- I can spend an hour on an updo, but if I have manipulated the curls too much and the whole thing goes frizzy, what can you do?  "Uh, I am not liking this right now.  You do have all day, don't you?"

It can be very frustrating.  However, the reality is that most days are not like the above.  Most people love what I do, and they keep coming back, checks in hand, for me to do it again.  We talk and talk, sometimes about silliness, but mostly about things that are not so silly.  I work with my hands, taking what once was dull and lifeless, and give it new brightness and movement.  It enhances feelings of self-worth and dignity, and I think it is an alright way to make a living.

Extra alright.  Better go take a few moments for my own hair before the day begins...

Rachel Bee

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