Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes a girl needs...

A cake.

A whole cake, all to herself.  She can eat it all in one day, or she can cut it into slices and put them in the freezer to enjoy for- breakfast for a week.

And other times, a girl doesn't need a whole cake.  In fact, I am right to say that a girl rarely (if ever) needs to finish an entire cake on her own, no matter the size.  And when I made this for work...

... I did not intend on eating the whole thing, all by myself.

Would I create 8 fondant daisies for a cake I mean to eat by myself?  Would I cover it in delicate silver sprinkles?

Would I bake 4 layers of delicious, strawberry cake, and fill it with creamy Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

No.  No I wouldn't.

If I baked a cake for myself, it would look very little like this.  It would be full of berries and lemon curd, topped in (of course) cream cheese frosting, and probably pretty lumpy and not picture-worthy.

It would look nothing like this.  How vain do you think I am?

Don't answer that question...

But Saturday morning, I brought in this cake to work; and there it stood for hours, undisturbed.  I cut into it to give a slice to a client, and when I had some spare time, I took a slice myself.  And then, I enjoyed another slice.  And then my co-worker said to me, "Boy, you sure can put down some food."


And the cake continued to sit, and it was nearly 4:00PM.  So as it was time for me to go, I cut two, huge chunks of cake, and put it in my remaining co-workers' bags.  HA!  And they thought they weren't eating cake today.

"Wah ha ha ha!  Buah ha ha ha!"  Ahem.

As much as I like, even love my new place, they get no more cake.

Ever.  It is making me too chubby.

OK.  That is a bit harsh.  I can be persuaded.

After all, we are all so very cute...

I really like these people, and I would do nearly anything for them, including wearing a Polo shirt and posing beside a golf cart.

And I would bake them another cake, even if only to eat all by myself.  That's what being "confectionate" is all about.

Rachel Bee