Sunday, March 27, 2011

A night that warranted a week off...

All or most of you know that Friday night a week ago, my church had a special event called "The Big Show."

Many churches have a volunteer banquet of some sort, but this evening was so much more than a dinner buffet over sterno warmers.  It was a full-on award show a la Golden Globes, with a catered meal served at round tables; and (I am sure) the very best green beans I have ever tasted in my entire life.

I know.  It is weird to give the first of my compliments to the green beans, but they were heaven.  I have a source who might divulge whatever sweetness made them irresistible.  Then I will keep the recipe to myself, and eat nothing but green beans for the rest of my life.

Despite the event being in it's first year, I would say that it went off so well, and everyone looked amazing. I had so many people come up to me to say that they were "wearing my eyes" or  how they had pinned up their hair per my instruction, and it made me feel so warm.  Thanks to all of you who brighten my life.  Really.

And those of you who were there also saw way too much of me, as I played "Miss Big Show," or the stage manager in a pink dress.  I (not always so gracefully) handed out awards to presenters, and made eyes at the sexy photog in the back of the room.  You can all guess who he is.

Here are a few pics of what I did with my hair and makeup for the night...

I told my friend, Stephanie, to give me a style I could not do on myself; so with a deep breath, a few pins, and a handful of weave: she went.

Sorry, Steph.  These were taken at around 10:30 PM, about 8 hours after you pinned my hair up.

Here is a pic of me, award in hand...

...and a guy named "J." And that was not my award, if there is any confusion.  The "awards" were given to people who had shown extraordinary effort in whatever ministry they are a part of.  They are called "Vollys."

From "volunteer."


And here I am with my beloved dad, who IS single by the way...

I wish you all could see my shoes.  They are adorable, and look like the ones worn in "Dirty Dancing."

As we are going on about the Big Show, I would be remiss not to say that I went through 11.5 pounds of sugar last week, making these...

And these...

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  The toppers were little gumpaste stars with gobs of edible glitter and a little pearl inset.  They sparkled beautifully against the low lights, and I am told they tasted just fine.  Or good.  I did not try one.  When you make 168 of something, you have eaten plenty.  And this, the most unflattering picture of me, is a great snapshot of what one's kitchen looks like after baking 168 cupcakes.

Really.  Could it look worse?

It was fun, and all I can say, and state, and reiterate, is that I love my church.  It is a generous group, and I would bake a million cupcakes for them.  And if it wasn't incredibly inappropriate, I would take my pastor by the face, and squeeze it up against mine (like cheek to cheek: nothing funny).  And while I am completely violating his personal space, I would say, "thank you, thank you, thank you.  I really am having a blast."

What a good idea it was to show me back to Jesus.

Really.  Thanks, Brent.

Have a good one, all.

Rachel Bee


  1. The cupcakes were great and my eyes were beautiful, all thanks to you! I appreciate your myriad talents and especially all that you bring to In Focus.

  2. Those green beans WERE amazing... Lemme know if they were marinated in a brown sugar mixture for like 10 years because that's my guess! :)

  3. Rachel, this was the best blog ever! I am in tears, almost. I feel what you feel for your church, and your cupcakes, and your dress and shoes, and green beans, and your dad who is single, and for your kitchen. Love that little truck under the counter. Thanks. I wish I could have had a cupcake!

  4. thanks, all. i felt it was brown sugar, and is it crazy that i think there was vanilla in them? if so, why not?

    thanks, sharon. thing is, i like the way i grew up- it is so nice that although i can't be a part of the church i laid the foundation for, i can be a part of a church others paved for me.

    and i noticed the car, too.

  5. I absolutely love this picture of your kitchen. My motto in my kitchen is, "If it's not a mess (the kitchen), it's not gonna be good (the food). Precious...
    The cupcakes were delish. I took (an extra) one off a table to enjoy on the ride home. :)