Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looks like a party...

My toddler came home from preschool on Monday with a crudely decorated little box, filled with valentines.  My son is a lot like his mother, in that he really doesn't care that Tinkerbell or Ironman wishes him, really, anything at all.  He is concerned about one thing only: candy.

He doesn't know the word "candy," and outside of a few M&Ms and some suckers, he really hasn't had much.  What he does know is that any brightly-colored object contained in cellophane has potential for deliciousness, and that his mommy will fight him for it.  Monday was a perfect example of this.

While he was still enjoying an afternoon nap, I took a gander at his lot of goodies, hiding the pencils and giant lollipops (he's 2, people). In my quest, I came across a packet of Fun Dip.  Fun dip has changed a lot over the years, and although I am usually a fan of innovation, I was so very disappointed with my most-recent delve into the powdery treat.  Was it raspberry?  Apple?  How is it "magic?"  Oh.  My tongue is green.

Ooooh.  I am mystified.

If anything needed an upgrade, it is the chalky stick.  Did anyone ever finish the stick?

Bleck.  But where was I?

Really, no idea.

Oh.  I wanted to show you these...

Strawberry Cupcakes

For the boy's Valentine's party, I made some gorgeous Strawberry Cupcakes with Pink Marshmallow Frosting.  And none of them came home (I get Fun Dip; you get homemade goodness?).

I cannot imagine what a sticky mess these were.

This frosting is the very same I used for my Ambrosia Cupcakes, as well as my S'mores Cake.  I usually do a Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting with this cake, but I couldn't "leave well enough alone" in my addition of strawberry puree while concocting my topping.  What resulted was nothing short of a curdled, oily mess, and a string of curse words straight to the garbage bin.

Yes, I curse at food sometimes.  Especially at chocolate chip cookies (insert expletive of choice).

So, with not enough time to soften more butter, egg whites were my only alternative.

And they are cheaper.

The results were altogether lovely, and the glossiness of the mallow was stunning- and almost electric with the sugar sprinkles.

They just look like a party- like they are dancing.  Can you hear the music?

And they taste like Spring.

Stop taunting us, Spring!

So enjoy, my friends.  Bake some cake- even this one (tomorrow, after I post the recipe).

And don't waste a calorie on Fun Dip.

Have a beautiful day.

Rachel Bee