Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy ol' St. Valentine...

Oh, St. Valentine.

We learned who he was in school.  I think I might have even seen a play about his antics.

Crazy ol' St. Valentine.

I don't know what I truly think about his holiday, as we haven't observed it in 6 years.  I think I have told myself that everyone else stopped observing it as well.  As I flip through Valentines Day memories in my mind, more of them are tear-filled dramatics rather than observances of romantic bliss.  My Facebook updates show that the boyfriends of my unmarried friends shower them with presents, as my married friends tend to post an amorous quotation; or spend the evening grilling out with their children.

As I have been married for nearly five years, I have realized that flowers are too expensive for something that ultimately ends up in the garbage.  The chocolate that comes in heart-shaped boxes is usually poor in quality and is not worth the calories.  Dinner out means sitting with complete strangers and spending money on something one could do better at home.

But is it all a sham?

A day to celebrate romantic love?

Well, whatever it is or isn't, one thing I know: it is definitely a day for eating cake.

Or cupcakes.

Heart-shaped doilies.  I love them.  

Well, everyday is a day for eating cake, in my opinion.  I had some leftover coconut cake for breakfast.

What?  shut up for two seconds and give you a closer look?


Chocolate Cupcakes

I actually made these for a married friend of mine who celebrates Valentines Day.  Go figure.

Moist Chocolate Cake topped with my favorite Swiss Meringue Buttercream, tinted the most delicate of pale pinks; the deep blackness of the Oreo crumbs nestled on the blush of buttercream is a sight to behold.  What you cannot really see are the precious pink fondant daisies.  They were adorable.

So dear.

I also made a cake with the other half of the frosting and batter.  You will see it soonish.

So, romantic love.  Whatever this day dedicated to it is or isn't, I accept it for the sugar it offers.

Because cake is delicious.  And the affirming smile I get from the one who took the pictures is a celebration to me.

Chocolate:  Mi Amour.  

Have a beautiful day.

Rachel Bee

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