Friday, February 4, 2011

Beware, you are being judged...

I am a hairstylist by trade- as in, I went to school for the sole purpose of doing hair.

The concept is a little odd to me, as we all have hair (well, most of us), so shouldn't we all be ok to do our hair?  I was listening to NPR yesterday, and a young man was stating on Al Jezeera (in English, of course), that Mubarak's supporters were in the streets, The men wearing "nice suits," and the women wearing "expensive hairstyles."  Really?

I wondered for a moment how this group of women define themselves by their hair.  I tried to google for a picture of a modern, expensive Egyptian hairstyle, but came up with nothing aside from heavy bobs from ancient times.  But I think of times I have been in a room of women together, and noticed how I personally have judged on the basis of coiffure.

In fact, I consistently judge on that basis.  It is nothing I am proud of, but how a girl wears her hair tells me loads about who the person is- what her priorities are.  I have had enough women in my chair to know.  What?  Examples?


Shoulder-length, minimal layering, grown out highlights, and the usual pony, not looped...

Long, natural color, long layers, looped pony...
    College student.

Long, one length, thick as heck, bright highlights around the face...
    Someone who likes horses.

Graduated bob, natural color, done but not too done...
    Mommy who cares.

Graduated bob, fresh highlights, ironed perfectly...
    A mommy who's kids are OK with Poptarts.

Asymmetrical cut, green panels, natural texture...
    Someone who needs to be my friend.

I could go on... but you get the picture.  But I still want to know what an expensive Egyptian hairdo is.  Is it an updo?  I got to play with updos this week, and here is what I came up with...

Side Chignon (kind of a mess in the back, sorry)'s up.
See what I mean?  What is this?  Pretty? A mess?

I dunno...

And this...

The Two-Minute Curl-Pinning

It was a fun week.  Ask any stylist if she likes doing updos, and the answer is usually "no."  In every salon I have worked, there is always that one girl who is brilliant...Julia, Robin, Lindsay, Stephanie; I figure with some more practice, someone will blog about me someday.

And help me out, people.  Add some spice to your life.  Mommies, hand the babies to your hubs and go put some curl in that hair.  Horsey people, go get a few inches off the bottom.  Moms who's kids like Poptarts- don't care so much about every hair fitting perfectly into your haircut box, and go make them kids some pancakes!

Really, I love you all.

Oh, boy.

Have a Beauuuuuutiful Day!

Rachel Bee


  1. I think I fall into the horsey category.. but with a few layers... so maybe a college student horsey. i'm not a college student, but i DO like horsies.


  2. oh, girl. i found a pic of us, and on the back, you wrote, "please destroy after seeing this." we both had some interesting hair in that pic...