Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding pictures.

As most of you know, my littlest brother became a husband nearly a month ago, and the wedding was a full-fledged family effort.

I did hair and makeup, as well as bake cakes for the event.

Here I am trying to make sense of the front of her hair.

And here I am airbrushing her makeup.  I L-O-V-E my Sparmax airbrush.

So many people have never seen an airbrush used for makeup.  There was a continuous crowd building outside!

For whatever reason, I always make this face when I do pictures next to a client.  Scary.

And while we are at it, how about a picture of my brothers?

The AC went out in the house where we had the wedding.  The weather was mild that weekend, but there was so much cooking going on that it was so very warm inside.

Warm temps + makeup & cream cheese frosting = no good.

The front cake is a fluffy vanilla cake with cherry preserves and sugared cherries on top.  It was incredible.

The leaning tower of layers behind it is lemon poppy seed with lemon cream cheese frosting.  

I know.  Yum.

There was also a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, which is always everyone's favorite.

There really couldn't be a more beautiful couple.  Despite the warm temperatures, the day was so low-key and unpretentious.  When I asked the bride how she was feeling before I did her makeup, she said "I'm great.  I'm going to go get married and then eat some tacos.  What could be better than that?"

Congratulations, the two of you.  Love you both.

Rachel Bee


  1. how sweet!! LOVE the pic of your brothers :)

  2. i know. they are handsome lads...