Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sugar-free pudding and an amazing weekend.

Good afternoon, my squishy little love muffins!

OK.  I stole that from someone this week.  I quite liked it, and I feel it needs to be passed on.

I am sitting here, frantically eating every drop of the science experiment that is sugar-free pudding, and I can't say that I enjoy it.  I bought the mousse-y one, and I have to mention that not only do I not care for the curdled, un-mousse-y-like texture, but I also do not care for the revolting sound it makes as I scrape it from the sides of my cup (which is also too small).

Why am I complaining about the size of something that I don't care for?  Well, this question I ask as I finish my 3rd container.  Three cups and 180 calories later, I might be satisfied.

And sick.

Regardless, these have been 2 incredible weeks, when the grace and favor of God has continued to absolutely astound me.  I have made and delivered 10 cakes, have done an exorbitant amount of hair, and received the opportunity to meet and work with an amazing crew of women from a national clothing retailer.  I say "amazing" as the people I worked with for their grand opening party here in Augusta were surprisingly gracious, caring, and generous- which gets me to thinking.

I am not a stay-at-home mom, although I respect those who make that decision (as I recognize it is not an easy one).  If I am going to be away from my son and pay someone to care for him, I want what I do to be both efficient and successful.  I believe that success is here, and that it is only coming more and more.  Unfortunately for some, success arrives partnered with a sense of entitlement- a "look at all I have done, so I have earned the right to get you to do this for me" mentality.  We become "too good" to engage, "too good" for eye contact, and "too good" for casual communication.   Although the women I met this weekend are supremely successful, and would have every "right" to opt out of normal conversation; I saw them interact with grace, generosity, and care.  The two makeovers I helped facilitate not only received new suits, but they also were given new undergarments and shoes.  These women engaged me in conversation about my journey into cosmetology, and then we spoke about cake and all things delicious.  Their mouths watered as I described my ooey-gooey S'mores Cake, just like any other girls I might have in my chair.

Why this interaction surprised me, I do not know.  Perhaps it is the fact that women who have sat in my chair before with nearly a third of these women's success have acted 3X as entitled.

Rachel: "Would you like something to drink?  Coffee, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water?"
Person:  "What?  You don't have Fanta Orange?"

If there is something I would love to take away from my last two weeks, it is that feeling of gratitude- that awareness that you are only one lay-off away from joining the ranks of the bankrupt and foreclosed upon.  If there is money in my pocket, it is not money to sit on, but it is money for generosity.  If there is a conversation to have, it is for listening and then for investment (if there is investment to be made).

Thanks, national clothing retailer, for an incredible weekend.  I learned so much.
And tomorrow, there will be pictures of cake.  Lots of cake.

Rachel Bee

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