Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going to the chapel...

It is 11:28, and I am awake.  I have been up for 20 hours, and that's a long time. Ten of them I spent at work, and my lats are telling me about it.  I actually looked at my last guest and said, "Your hair looks pretty clean.  Do you mind if we cut it dry, because my back is just too tired to shampoo and blow it out."

Not my most professional moment, but kudos for honesty.  Does it help that I gave her a huge discount?  Hmm...

We are almost packed, and four hours of sleep separate me from hitting the road with my family to celebrate my brother's wedding.  I have baked cakes, and my husband is elated with arranging the car just "so," for fear that my cakes will be squashed.

This is how cool my family is:

I am baking cakes and doing hair and makeup.

P is taking photos.

Dad is officiating.

My other brother is still single.  Perhaps he should marry a florist.

Anyway, look out for pictures, coming very soon.  Pray that all cake transport goes as planned.  Pray for our safety.


Rachel Bee

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