Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jesus and chocolate pie.

Easter... this year... no words (although I'll have to find some).

As memorable as Christmases are, full of family and decor, special songs and fare- I cannot say that I remember many Easters.  I remember many Easter dresses, which makes me sound like- well, the person I struggle against being- but I don't have many memories of Easter events.  Even last year is foggy in my brain, although I have clear recollection of my frock (sigh).

I compare Easter with Christmas, as both holidays represent extraordinary series of events in the Christian faith.  I believe it is common knowledge what Christmas means to us, with scores of songs about sweet baby Jesus in a bed of hay.  Christmas is a precious time, as we see Gods first move toward reconciliation with man.  But Easter, it is the fruition of God's plan for us.  We look at the cross, and we become completely sin-aware.  And unable-to-put-into-words-y grateful.  We are broken.  This weekend, I was utterly broken.

Friday night we had a sobering Good Friday service, and I don't remember EVER being in a church service like it.  I sang on stage, and from the first drumbeat I had a hard time holding it together.  Seeing Jesus on the cross was simply agonizing.  Leaving him up there that night was torture to my heart, as I love to forget about those three days he was in hell.

I worked a solid 8-hour day on Saturday, and Sunday morning came with tangible joy.  Again, I sang Sunday morning, and from the first moment on the stage- my gratefulness (figuratively) floored me.  I felt like dancing like a crazy person (didn't, but I bounced a little)!  The whole of my faith rests on what this one day (Easter) represents.  What a compelling moment!  Why have I not engaged in more Easters?

I suppose I could treat everyday as soberly as Easter or Christmas.  I am aware of the cross daily, but having one special day devoted to it in a year- the experience is so enormous and unique- and this "lifer" needs refreshing sometimes.  I was walked into church in my parents' arms, and I say (by faith) that someone will wheel me into church at the end of my life.  I love my faith.  I love my Jesus.

And not to trivialize the experience above, but I also love pie.

As I have some picky eaters in my house, I am always left with some form of chocolate dessert to choose for special meals.  As it was too hot to turn the oven on, I decided to make this Chocolate Pie from Joy of Baking.  I have made it before, and its lightness is just what we needed after huge ribeye steaks (no ham for us).

I will admit, my crust completely stuck to the bottom.  It made for a somewhat ugly presentation, but tasted just fine when placed on top.

Believe me.

One note when making this pie: strain your pudding.  I made it once before successfully without lumps, but there were a few scrambled eggs in there this time, and rubbery egg bits are not pleasant in pie.  I am so thankful I noticed.

Silky, rich, and indulgent- much more upscale than a pudding cup with Cool Whip on top, but reminiscent of the same childhood treat.  I suppose you could make this pie with a box of pudding and a tub of Cool Whip, but don't tell me about it.

Not that I don't love the science experiment that is Cool Whip-

Regardless, I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

Loving the Cross,

Rachel Bee


  1. I totally agree with you Rachel on all your thoughts. I grew up in church and attended every sunday and easter my entire life. I wore the silly matching easter dresses with my sisters and the horrific hats that accompanied them. The only few times my dad went to church with us was on Easter, and I would not believe it if my mom didnt have pictures of him dressed in his blue suit on that special day. I hate to say it but I almost dread Easter service because the service itself seems so redundent when you have grown up in church. But this year I was completely blown away when I sat there in church and listened to Pastor Brent preach the Easter message from whole different perspective. I loved hearing the message from the criminals persepctive that hung on the cross next to Jesus. I was completely engaged in the message and it reached a part in my soul that I didnt know was there. I am so grateful for Jesus and his sacrifice, and this Easter message was by far the best that I have heard in my 34yrs of attending church.

  2. so maybe it was just THAT special. all around, In Focus- Brent, Karla, Stephen and everyone else- great at their "jobs."

  3. beautiful post! beautiful pictures! beautiful pie. Yes - this whole Passion weekend was powerful. I am so thankful that I was able to be there on Friday night.

    I made a banana cream pie (it was the highlight of our easter meal) but I won't tell you what was in it ;) and my crust totallystuck to the bottom of my pie pan too.

  4. thanks, faith and karla. @faith- once i could get a metal spatula under there, I could pry the crust off (as seen in the picture. otherwise, complete disaster.