Friday, May 18, 2012

A busy girl... Cake in Augusta GA

Hi, all! I recognize it has been quite a while, but with a move and other ultra business, I haven't the time to spend in this space right now. I am dropping by to show you some pics of my last wedding, and then I am off to the kitchen to prepare for another!

My husband actually photographed this wedding, and despite the usual stress surrounding such an event, we had a wonderful time.

White, black, and hot pink were the only instructions given, so I went with Beatty's chocolate cake, Marshmallow Frosting, and pink and black flowers.

Of course I used the airbrush to add some sparkle. Despite using it heavily for makeup, I do clean it out on occasion to make it acceptable for shimmer. What a difference a little shine can make!

And this is my ombre Fender pick cake (aka the groom's cake). It took everything out of me not to airbrush it.

And this weekend I leave at 9am to do 10 makeup applications in Lincolnton, and then back to Evans to pick up 160 cupcakes and a cake to drive over to Appling by 5pm. It is a busy one, but I do plan on coming back to invest into this space soon.

Have a great day!


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